Empowering Engineers with Advanced Training on the Latest Industry Standards 

Training Solutions

With rapid industry advancements and ever-changing design and development standards, in-depth and hands-on technical training in the embedded software space is in high demand. 

Managers are realizing the need to expand and strengthen their team’s technical knowledge and ability, while professional engineers feel the need to sharpen their skills to deliver consistent results. Not to mention, there are several gaps in today’s embedded controls talent pool that result in frustrated hiring managers who are searching for ways to ramp up underprepared college graduates quickly and effectively.

LHPU, LHP’s training division, addresses these challenges by offering training solutions built to meet your corporation’s unique needs and get engineers up to speed quickly and efficiently. Coupled with our technical service offerings, our corporate/professional training programs, and six-week new-hire bootcamps, will ensure engineering teams are set up for long-term success.

Results-Focused Training

Whether you’re focused on functional safety, cyber security, or other embedded software areas, our standardized and customized courses and workshops will equip trainees with the skills necessary to navigate and meet increasingly complex embedded controls challenges.

LHPU offers professional training in:

Customized training designed for your specific needs:

Based on your particular needs, we can develop a customized training program that incorporates your existing processes and procedures. Whether you are a start-up, a mid-sized engineering firm/supplier, or an established Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we will tailor each course to your needs, goals, and timeline.

Professionally Trained Engineers, Better Results

Whether you're a manager looking to strengthen your team's technical abilities, or if you’re an engineer looking to invest in professional development, LHPU will position you to obtain better and more reliable results.

The LHPU Difference:

Flexibility: As a long-standing organization that specializes in embedded controls and embedded software, we have the flexibility to deliver the courses you need, when you need them. We also offer customizable training to fit your changing needs and evolving industry demands.

Experienced-Based Learning: Our hands-on, clean-sheet approach to the development of controls and calibration gives trainees a unique opportunity to complete hands-on projects directed by industry professionals.

Consultative Approach with Extensive Experience: Our broad engineering experience and team of certified instructors enables us to create customized training resources and offer an intimate understanding of each person’s unique needs.


Anytime there are holes in your team's ability to perform effectively, or you feel like you need to brush up on your skills, LHPU is here to help. Receive in-depth educational courses that will position your team for success while boosting the productivity of your organization as a whole.

Ready to get a handle on the latest industry advancements? Check out LHPU’s Course Schedule today.



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