The Tools You Need For Model-Based Platform Design, Agile Development, and Rapid Prototyping


At LHP Engineering Solutions, we work with respected engineering directors who have a vision to transform their operations with the best technology and the right processes. Our customers need an expert partner who can drive sustainable operation using tools that improve quality, schedule, and development cost.


The experts in the LHP Platform division provide tools and services to accelerate development processes for embedded developers. LHP aims to provide a seamless user experience for engineers through the V development cycle with products that allow application developers to reap the benefits of reuse.

Development Platform

  • Develop, implement, and service the technology and processes you need
  • Gain value-add products and services for long-term success
  • Improve quality, schedule, and development cost with custom-fitted products
  • Extend your workforce with functional offerings to smooth out workflow

Support Products

  • Get hardware, software, and services to meet your application development needs
  • Customize new engineering interface products and assembly services to support embedded control applications
  • Integrate standard tools with build-to-print and hardware design and full test system capabilities
  • Support products, from build-to-print wire harness assembly, to circuit board prototyping, to complex hardware engineering designs
  • Gain quality products at a reasonable cost with reliable customer service

Maintenance and Support

  • Ensure you have the latest tools, software, and reference designs
  • Gain product maintenance and support throughout application development and product lifecycle
  • Take advantage of phone support, jumpstart consulting, product and process training, project consulting, turnkey systems, and fully outsourced system services
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