The Best Teammate - Soft Skills Training

Most of us desire to repeatedly clone ourselves to create better teammates. Until that technology is possible, we must learn how to work with diverse teams.  Teams with the highest talent may not always be the most functional.  Teams that achieve trust and how to interact with their diverse teammates tend to play as a team and succeed. Pull together your team (up to 20 members) for a day of building trust and identifying how to respond to different personalities.

What to Expect:


Build your skills at our 1-day seminar full of theory and group activities which feature the necessary soft skills one must practice to successfully exist in team environments.  Our instructor will spend an entire day on-site with you and your team (up to 20 members) to increase awareness of diverse personalities within teams and how your interactions can be key to your team’s success.

What Will You Learn?

During the 1-day workshop, your team can expect to:

  • Complete Personality Assessment and Review

  • Complete Group Activity- Finding Common Ground

  • Understand Professional Communication

  • Review Networking Tips

  • Learn to Read Body Language Under Stress

  • Focus on Addressing Negativity

  • Learn how to Receive New Team Members







Learning Objective


Welcome to LHPU & Attendee Introductions



Learning Objectives


Attributes of Cohesive Teams

Describe the attributes needed for a team to be successful.  Apply to your team and find the voids.


Personality Test Review:  Approaches to Working with Different Personalities

Identify how to approach and respond to others with different personality traits


Group Activity – 10 Things in Common

Break down awkward barriers with those who you don’t normally gravitate towards





Professional Communication (email, presentations, meetings, biographies)

Distinguish between professional and non-professional styles of writing


Lunch Activity – Get Out of Your Box

Eat lunch with someone you don’t normally gravitate towards


Group Activity – Networking

Discover how to make yourself more comfortable with Networking


Body Language:  Reading and Displaying

Recognize body language and adapt to what you are reading


Group Activity – Legos

Read body language under stress


Addressing Negativity – Building or Burning Bridges

Acknowledge negativity on a team and how to work through issues





Group Activity – Reframing Negative Situations

Experience and identify negative situations and squash the spread


Receiving New Team Members

Implement the above skills with new team members


Key Takeaways





Certifications & Close






With over 20 years of combined experience leading and developing team-based training, LHP is equipped to deliver in-depth and personalized soft-skills training to a variety of groups. LHP not only has experience with professional relationship building but also has a unique understanding of team dynamics from the perspective of professional sports, educators, and former business leaders. 


LHP is committed to developing a world-class training solution that is modeled after years of professional and personal leadership experience.






Course Dates & Locations

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