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LHP and National Instruments Powertrain Controls Group (PCG) (formerly Drivven) have joined forces to provide vehicle manufacturers more robust and flexible electronic controls development and automotive testing solutions. LHP provides integrated technology solutions built with the latest NI hardware and the most intuitive and customizable software on the market.

Whether you’re striving to reach new heights with your automotive R&D team, or you’re in the process of validating your embedded systems, LHP can provide full engine control, rapid prototyping, or custom Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) solutions at a low cost while maintaining the highest quality and efficiency.

Turn-Key Solutions and Applications

LHP provides engineers and researchers with turn-key systems built around various specifications and needs within the automotive R&D community. 

  • Engineered to your exact specifications and customizable to specific devices under test

  • Built with an open architecture so you can customize the system as your needs evolve

  • Capable of running MathWorks Simulink models on NI hardware

  • Designed to help you verify that products comply with the latest Functional Safety standards

Better Results, Less Trial & Error 

Gain the actionable insight you need to make better decisions and produce better products with our ECS and HIL systems. You can count on LHP to enable you to achieve.





Advanced Research & Development:


Given the open architecture of LHP’s ECS, you will be able to focus more on solving your problems rather than trying to get the hardware to work as you want. Unlike other limited solutions, with our systems, you can enjoy unconstrained prototyping. Rest assured that you will have the capability to run the tests required and conduct the research you need.

Proven Safety & Reliability Testing:


If you don’t have a high-quality HIL test system, how will you prove that your products meet the latest safety and reliability requirements? HIL enables you to run a battery of tests with the confidence that you will obtain consistent data every single time.

Trusted Results:


Given our vast experience, alliance with NI, and the premier hardware and software we use in all of our systems, you can rest assured that the results you receive are valid and verifiable.

Increased Profitability:


Whether you’re in the engine control or embedded systems space, by working with LHP, you will be positioned to come up with better solutions in a shorter amount of time. Test requirements will be satisfied and completed efficiently and effectively, enabling you to prevent issues in the field.

LHP is in the solutions business - when you purchase an ECS and HIL system from us, we believe our relationship is just beginning. Rest assured that we will work with you to deliver a system that provides the power you need. Given our broad, yet deep understanding of the automotive market, our team of engineers is available to help you from design concept to final production. 

Contact LHP today to find out how to gain a competitive advantage in the increasingly complex automotive market. 






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Built upon LHP’s vast experience in engine controls and National Instruments’ Powertrain Controls hardware, the LHP ECS is equipped with real-time computing power and FPGA controlled ECM drive electronics for high performance engine control applications.

ECS Plus

ECS Plus

The LHP ECS comes fully integrated with an engine control software example that you can use as a baseline to quickly get your engine up and running. The software is openly programmable to allow customization for your specific application.



The LHP Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Platform (LHP/HTP) leverages tools, experience, and partnerships with National Instruments and MathWorks combined with the LHP Engineering Solutions body of knowledge to deliver powerful test assets at reasonable costs. 

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