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Systems Engineering


When it comes to systems engineering, many organizations struggle to keep up with the latest industry standards, increasing workloads, and documentation requirements.

Maybe you don’t have enough skilled systems engineers in-house, or you’re overwhelmed by the documentation process. Or, perhaps you are looking to delegate supplier validation to an outside resource or need assistance developing a new product. Whatever your current challenges are, LHP has the extensive systems engineering experience you need

Our seasoned systems engineers are multidisciplinary with expertise working alongside multiple customers and using a variety of approaches.

LHP systems engineers are prepared to:

  • Understand your systems

  • Help you develop your requirements

  • Improve your processes (from product development to validation)

  • Create the necessary documents

By partnering with LHP to manage your
systems engineering, you will:

  • Improve product development efficiency

  • Strengthen documentation standards and accuracy

  • Better define product requirements and functionality up front

  • Lower development costs

  • Decrease the amount of rework required

Decrease Development Time & Costs

Your organization can partner with LHP at any point in your product development lifecycle. Skilled in a variety of industries and product types, our engineers can assist you with whichever part of the development process you are struggling with. The truth is, the importance of systems engineering lies at the finish line - when your product actually launches.


When You Need Assistance, LHP offers:

Engineering Solutions:

Identify gaps in your production, documentation, and validation process.


Engineering Resources:

Obtain assistance with short term projects or bridge the gap between development and documentation.

LHP can help you apply systems engineering best practices to your product development processes to assure you comply with the necessary laws, regulations, and the current state of the art standards. 


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