RCP Evaluation Kit

The LHP RCP Evaluation Kit enables you to start building control models in Simulink® for deployment on National Instruments™ CompactRIO hardware. The kit includes the LHP Panthera™ RCP Suite, NI controller hardware, example Simulink models, and step-by-step instructions so you can get started right away.

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The LHP RCP Evaluation Kit has been designed to instruct and inspire. Within minutes of opening the included workbook, you will have learned how to use the Panthera RCP Suite to build controls on NI hardware. After completing the example models in the workbook, you will have gained the knowledge required to create periodic- and event-based controls using CAN communications and real-world I/O in a real-time control loop. You will be inspired to learn more by modifying the control strategies using the suggestions provided in the workbook.



When we say rapid prototyping, we mean rapid. The LHP RCP Evaluation Kit has been designed to allow you to move beyond the workbook examples and apply your newly gained knowledge to your own projects. You will have the ability to explore the full potential of the Panthera RCP Suite and NI hardware in order to begin to define and specify your custom engineered rapid prototyping system.

Ready to kick off your rapid prototyping?  Contact us to schedule a demo or try out the RCP Evaluation Kit on your own for 30 days for free!



RCP Evaluation Kit | LHPES
  • NI cRIO-9064 (Dual core ARM Cortex-A9 with Artix-7 FPGA)
  • Power Supply (12 volt, 10A; 120VAC/240VAC power)
  • I/O channels (with included signal conditioning and FPGA):NI 9853 CAN (2-port CAN 2.0B bit rates up to 1Mbps)
    • NI 9401 8-channel DIO (30V; Sinking output 1A Freq/PWM capable)
    • NI 9759 Electronic Throttle Control 2-channel H-Bridge driver
      • (7V-32V - 6A peak/3A hold with 0-5V analog feedback sensor inputs)
    • NI 9381 8-channel analog inputs 12-bit (0-5V filtered)
      • 8-channel analog outputs 12-bit (0-5V 500mA)
      • 4-channel discrete inputs (Engine position:2 HALL, 2 VR)

DEMO COMPONENTS INCLUDED                                                                                                  

  • Bosch electronic throttle body
  • Eight LEDs
  • Two slide potentiometers (0-10k ohm)
  • Four toggle switches
  • Ignition key switch (ignition, crank, and push-to-choke) with switchable termination resistors
  • Two CAN DB9 connectors
  • Terminal blocks to connect your own sensors/actuators to all controller I/O list


  • Includes example models ready to run:
    • Electronic throttle control (PI control loop)
    • CAN communications (configuration, rx/tx)
    • Engine sync digital outputs (event/timing control)
    • Simple blinking LED (periodic control)
  • Includes workbook with step-by-step instructions to build examples and more
  • Includes hardware documentation and ideas for further exploratio


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