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NI DCM-2316 - Direct Injector Control and Measurement Device 

Starting from $ 21,935.00

16-Channel Direct Injector Control and Measurement Device—The DCM-2316 can control injector and fuel systems, accommodating up to eight piezoelectric or 16 solenoid direct injectors. This device has a boost supply up to 220 V and a peak current of 40 A, providing fault protection and detection. You can control an entire fuel system with this device, using the built-in oscilloscope for recording injector voltage and current waveforms. The DCM-2316 allows you to define current and voltage profiles at rates up to 16 injections per cycle per injector with advanced waveform generation and triggering capabilities.




NI-9751 DI Driver - (C Series Direct Injector Driver Module)

Starting from $ 2,359.00


3-Channel C-Series Direct Injector Driver Module—The NI 9751 can drive typical common rail diesel solenoid injectors, gasoline direct injectors, and piezo actuated injectors. It accommodates up to three solenoid direct injectors or two piezo injectors, but you must use the same injector type per module. You can individually control each NI 9751 channel for timing and duration, but channel operation cannot overlap. When you configure the NI 9751 for piezo mode, channel 3 is not available and you must short its terminals together





NI-9752 - (C Series AD Combo Module)

Starting from $ 1,771.00


21-Channel C Series VR/Hall Interface Module—The NI 9752 offers a set of automotive-style analog and digital inputs to interface with standard automotive sensors. The module includes two-channel adaptive variable reluctance (VR) sensor inputs, and two-channel Hall effect sensor or general-purpose digital inputs. You can individually configure each channel using surface-mount components with pull up, pull down, divide, and resistor capacitor (RC) lowpass filters





NI-9753 - Differential I/O 

Starting from: $1,771.00


8-Channel C Series Differential Digital I/O Module—The NI 9753 provides differential digital I/O with RS485/RS422 compatible transceivers, which is ideal for automotive applications. You can control channels with custom Boolean logic, such as sending fuel and ignition commands, or you can use serial communication protocols. The NI Powertrain Controls Device Drivers software provides functions for engine position tracking and complex engine-synchronous fuel/spark commands. In static direction control mode, you can individually configure all eight channel directions during initialization. In dynamic direction control mode, only four channels are available, but each channel direction is controlled dynamically at run-time with a direction-control Boolean, which is useful for half-duplex serial communications.



NI-9757 - (C Series Oxygen Sensor Interface Module) 

Starting from $ 1,771.00

2-Channel C Series Oxygen Sensor Interface Module—The NI 9757 provides an interface for two Bosch LSU 4.2 or LSU 4.9 wideband exhaust oxygen sensors and four differential narrowband oxygen sensors. The NI 9757 device driver allows user calibration of stoichiometry versus pump current for a variety of fuel types (gasoline/diesel default). O2 measurements are reported as A/F, F/A, Lambda, and Phi. The NI 9757 has serviceable, fuse 10protected heater control circuits.




NI-9758 PFI - (C Series Port Fuel Injector Driver Module) 

Starting from $ 2,359.00


8-Channel C-Series Port Fuel Injector Driver Module—The NI 9758 drives four low- and high-impedance port fuel injectors (PFI) and four general-purpose automotive solenoid valves. Each PFI driver is individually controlled for timing, duration, and two current phases. Each general 10purpose, low 10side solenoid driver is pulse width modulation (PWM) controlled and capable of 0 to 100 percent duty cycle operation. The NI 9758 also featues open and short circuit detection and reporting.





NI-9759 - (C Series Electronic Throttle Body Driver Module) 

Starting from $ 1,771.00


2-Channel C-Series Electronic Throttle Body Driver Module—The NI 9759 provides two H Bridge driver channels that can drive typical passenger car electronic throttle bodies, such as the popular Bosch DV E5. The NI 9759 features short-circuit and over 10temperature protection with fault reporting.  An external power supply of 11 V to 32 V is required. The NI 9759 device driver includes LabVIEW FPGA and LabVIEW Real-Time VIs for throttle position control. The module can control a wide variety of valves requiring position control with bidirectional DC motors and analog position feedback. You can measure valve position feedback with other C Series modules and process the data with the position control software.




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