PC Based Applications


Creating intuitive, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing PC applications is a challenge. LHP has experience creating applications that meet a specific business need such as interfacing

with an embedded controller or providing a secure user interface to a business critical database.


LHP has experience with:


  • Based engineering/service tools for embedded services
  • PC Based applications for database interfaces
  • WPF user interface design
  • LHP custom designed user controls
  • Nationally used banking software
  • Engineering and Service Tool design
  • Database Applications
  • Microsoft WPF UI Design
  • Custom UI Component Design


Well-Designed Extensible PC Based Applications and Tools

Finding “off the shelf” PC applications that meet specific business critical needs is difficult if not impossible. These tools may not provide the customization needed to fully meet the customer needs. LHP has a team of experienced software engineers who are well adept at creating cost-effective, PC based applications with intuitive user interfaces.

We build the applications using n-tiered design that separates the application into extensible units.

Two Engineers with Waveform

  • Data connectivity (to a database, cloud, or embedded controller, as examples)
  • Business Logic (what to do with the data)
  • Graphical User Interface (how to display and interact with the data)


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