The LHP Panthera™ RCP Suite is a complete suite of products to support rapid controls prototyping on National Instruments LinuxRT-based controllers. This powerful tool suite includes the Panthera Blockset, Panthera RTE run-time engine, Calibra measurement and calibration tool, and Panthera FPGA.

  • Panthera Blockset - Interact directly with your Simulink® models
  • Panthera RTE (Run-Time Engine) - Manage interfaces to real-time hardware
  • Calibra Measurement and Calibration Tool - Real-time data interface to control system
  • Panthera FPGA - Framework for real-time Simulink interaction to hardware
  • Compatibility with industry software tools, such as MATLAB, Simulink, INCA, ATI Vision, LabVIEW®, Veristand, TestStand 0B


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Panthera Blockset


Enabling National Instruments real-time targets for MathWorks Simulink models

The LHP Panthera™ RCP Suite provides embedded systems engineers with an environment to develop real-time controls algorithms with MathWorks’ Simulink by using the Panthera Blockset and immediately deploy to National Instruments hardware.

The LHP Panthera™ RCP Suite works with any National Instruments real-time controller hardware. The LHP Panthera™ Blockset and run time engine act as the enabling technologies that make this possible. By leveraging National Instruments’ huge catalog of modular hardware, a wide variety of solutions can be built upon this proven technology and tailored to fit the application requirements.





Release the Beast with LHP Panthera RCP Suite 2.0




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