Model Based Design Using Simulink


Advanced control systems are becoming more and more standard when developing software as it is more efficient than writing C code.  Model-Based design has created a method of portable rapid prototyping, moving away from intensive lab development and plopping an engineer at the site for real-time testing, calibrations, etc.  Join LHP for hands-on practice using industry-standard tools with Simulink for a greater understanding of developing software through model-based design.


Learning Objectives

  1. Build an MBD project using Simulink

  2. Produce a PI controller

  3. Characterize a sensor

  4. Set up an encoder 

  5. Run a fuel injector

  6. Define a CAN message and implement



Day 1


  • Introduction to Embedded Software Development
  • Introduction to MATLAB/Simulink
  • Exercise: Simulink to solve spring-mass-damper dynamic system
  • Introduction to MoroHawk
  • Exercise: Create a Simulink/MotoHawk "hello world" model. Wire up project kit components. Use Mototune service tool to program ECU and interact with an application

Day 2

  • MotoHawk - Analog inputs, Low Side Driver, H-Bridge
  • Sensor characterization and calibration. Discrete and PWM outputs
  • Exercise: Characterize the Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) and Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). Control Throttle angle with H-Bridge (and fail)

Day 3

  • MotoHawk - Proportional-integral Contol 
  • Exercise: Control Throttle angle with H-Bridge (and succeed)

Day 4

  • MotoHawk - CAN (Controller Area Network) communications
  • Exercise: Distributed control system project - separate ETC project int two components: Main (with sensor characterization and algorithm) and remote (with sensors and actuator output)





Model-Based Design Using Simulink
Training Dates and Locations


1-Day Training - Pontiac, MI

May 12
July 21

September 17

November 12


4-Day Training- Pontiac, MI

July 20-23


Course Price


1-day Course - $495 per seat

4-day Course - $1,495 per seat



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