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Internet of Things

Embedded electronics, sensors, software, and telematics led to the technology trend of connectivity between “things.”  Intelligent assets are now continually connected to the environment they operate in and large amounts of data are at a company's fingertips.  This allows for real-time improvements to their business.

LHP has extensive expertise transforming Engineering & Product Data into knowledge.  We have the ability to integrate electronics, sensors, telematics, and equipment field usage applications into holistic IoT systems. We enable business decision making through the use of complex analytics. 


From Predictive Maintenance solutions in the factory to Smart Connected Products in the field, our team of engineers and developers can help customers streamline operations, reduce field service quality issues to help drive better profitability.

When it comes to data analytics, you may be frustrated by the breadth of tools available and the gap between the extensive data at your fingertips and your ability to use that information to make intelligent decisions.  LHP’s team of analysts will help you decipher data, create automated reports, and establish analysis standards. We want you to harness the information you already have, learn the necessary tools, and be able to dig deeper into advanced analytics.

What is the Business Value of Industrial Internet of Things? (IIoT)

Manufacturers of all sizes are desperately searching for low-cost solutions that will enable them to compete globally; solutions that are quick to implement, easy to maintain and scalable across their business. Learn to leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as a means of achieving these goals. LHP Engineering Solutions demonstrates an Industrial IoT Tech Takeover presentation to help companies utilize the IIoT to drive better results.

Providing Connectivity to Intelligent Assets

  • Improving traffic congestion

  • Monitoring parking activity

  • Communicating driving conditions

  • Fleet tracking, auto diagnostics, and remote calibrations

  • Smart grid and energy management

The world of connectivity is exploding and LHP is on the forefront of this technology movement by providing a number of communication-based applications.  LHP developed important telematics solutions and we have extensive expertise in communications protocols that allow connectivity between embedded applications.  Internet of Things - IoT is being used to improve visibility of technology-based assets, including automobiles and medical systems, to improve safety and monitor health.  IoT also improves security and provides access to intelligent appliances throughout the home.


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