Intellectual Property

  • Customer-focused development of intellectual propertyIntellectual Property
  • Stalwart protection of confidential and proprietary information
  • Pioneering approach to engineering intellectual property solutions
  • Commitment to protecting our customers' intellectual property and not having any competitive overlap in our business model
  • Physical, electronic and organizational measures to protect intellectual property

In high-tech industries, companies gain competitive advantage through their IP. Profitability is linked to how long they hold this IP. Yet to their frustration, IP is leaked, often from vendors, before returns on investment are realized. At LHP Engineering Solutions, we do not compete in our customers’ industries. We use our IP to create your IP.

BrainWe Use Our IP to Create Your IP

LHP Engineering Solutions does not do business in sectors where our customers compete. Our business is to provide technology products, processes and professionals services that help increase the efficiency of our customer’s engineering operations.


Products developed for a client are strictly intended for our client unless we have some kind of joint development agreement in place that specifically releases the IP to us.  We do not reuse our client’s technology whether developed by us or not for any other purpose.  We do not share this technology, even within our own company.  We use our IP to create your IP. Period. 


We appreciate the trust that our customers place in us and we believe trustworthiness helps set LHP Engineering Solutions apart within the industry.

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