Gain Industry Leadership with the Right Technology and Processes


The desire for better automobiles and more acutely specific medical devices, the demand for higher standards and efficiencies, and the call to meet greater industry requirements create a need for streamlined, high-performing engineering processes and technology.

For the last two decades, our teams have led the industry in model-based design applications, creating embedded electronic control solutions for the country’s emerging and most influential automotive leaders as they approach aggressive growth or sustain high-volume operations. This expertise translates to serve the broader transportation industry as well as other industries like aerospace and defense, medical devices, power generation, consumer electronics, and oil and gas.


  • Gain talented resources that meet your specific automotive needs
  • Improve algorithm design and problematic software architectures
  • Enchance processes with calibration management and other verification and validation processes
  • Incorporate specialized training to onboard new engineers or build expertise within your existing organization
  • Develop and validate complex embedded control applications with customized engineering solutions

Medical Devices

  • Ensure your end products and systems adhere to strict FDA and ISO 13485 compliance regulations
  • Gain robust design and development with accurate control functionality
  • Bring a model-based design development approach to systems to meet the demands of increasing complexities

Consumer Electronics

  • Manage complexities as consumer electronics devices become increasingly connected through the Internet of Things
  • Create systems that scale as market demands for more electronic features increase
  • Get the systems you need to support innovative, differentiated products
  • Maximize a model-based design approach for successful development

Our engineering expertise paired with our collaborative team spirit and track record of proven, successful applications give us the depth and vision to solve your embedded control challenges.

Development Platform

Development Platform

LHP Engineering Solutions brings customization and prototyping capabilities to verification and validation test systems, resulting in overall cost reductions and quality improvements.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

With in-depth embedded controls and embedded software competence, LHP as an engineering services provider, enables you to decouple the rate of product delivery from your headcount and industry changes with a variety of advanced software solutions.

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