Independent Verification & Validation

Ensuring Quality, Defect-Free Systems Built to Required Specifications


Our team of engineers has extensive experience in independent verification and validation of embedded systems. We are here to help you evaluate and meet allocated requirements, transition from manual testing to automated testing, as well as identify any problems that need correction. LHP services are flexibly structured so you can get the help you need, when you need it. 

By partnering with LHP, you will gain access to:

  • Shorter and more efficient testing cycles

  • Significant reduction in development costs with quality and time to market analysis

  • Open and closed loop hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing

  • Fully automated testing of the overall system with automated test report generation

Our team of engineers has in-depth experience in:

  • Requirement based testing and validation

  • Quality assurance models

  • Automotive test equipment and testing

  • Communications test tools

  • Test efficiency improvement

  • Long-term or reliability fleet testing

  • Operator testing

  • Manual testing

  • Fault injection testing 

Optimize Your Products with Comprehensive Verification & Validation Testing

Obtain the insight you need about how your products are functioning - from single components to complete vehicles. LHP’s broad understanding of verification and validation will enable you to access critical information at the right time. 

Unit level testing:


We have the expertise to identify and understand what requirements your components were developed to and identify any problems, no matter if we’re conducting white or black box testing.

Integration level testing:


The operation of your system is only as good as its integration. By assessing interface layer inputs and outputs along with the effectiveness and efficiency of both internal and external communications, we will test how different components work together to ensure proper functionality.

System level testing:


Without access to the backend code, but with an understanding of your acceptance requirements, we will test your system's performance, accuracy, and robustness for conformance to the requirements.

Vehicle level testing:


LHP will verify that when an operator gives the vehicle a command, the proper vehicle response is achieved through the proper signals tracing. We will work the vehicle over to verify that everything is operating as expected.

Overall validation:


Once all development levels have been verified, we will conduct a battery of validation tests. This involves assessing the requirements the vehicle was built to and validating that the tests conducted, and the results, match your expectations.

Reduce Development Costs with Efficient Testing of Your Embedded Systems

One of the most significant advantages of working with LHP is our ability to serve as an independent contractor and complete tests for you. As an unbiased resource, we can offer a review of your systems in terms of quality, functionality, and safety.

By choosing LHP, you have access to our entire team of experts. Rather than simply identifying your problems, we will make corrections and provide suggestions on how to improve your tools and procedures long term. Instead of only providing the manpower to get work done, we will guide you on how to optimize your processes to ensure higher quality work with fewer people and more automated systems.

Automated testing of systems using tools such as:

  • ETAS Labcar Automation, INCA, Automation Desk

  • dSPACE Control Desk, System Desk, HIL Systems

  • National Instruments TestStand and VeriStand

State-of-the-art automotive testing lab equipped with tools such as

  • CANoe

  • CANalyzer

  • Simulators and network analyzers

  • Function generators and waveform analyzers

  • Automated test script execution tools and other in-house developed software tools suitable for various test requirements

Looking for an unbiased resource to verify and validate your embedded systems? Contact LHP today




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