Ensuring Quality, Defect-Free Build to Required Specifications

Independent Validation

Rapid prototyping, modeling and software development are the key elements to a successful product development. In this advancing and fast changing technology, manufacturers and suppliers face challenges to keep up with their testing needs to achieve the desired quality. LHP’s highly-skilled and professional independent quality assurance team continuously works on product validation, technological process improvement and management, including hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and fully automated testing.


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Efficient Testing - Reducing Development Costs


  • Shorter and more efficient testing cycles
  • Significant reduction in development costs with quality and time to market analysis
  • Flexible test setup environment with rapid change accommodations
  • Open and closed loop hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing
  • Fully automated testing of the overall system with automated test report generation

LHP offers independent validation services for automotive embedded products and systems, which include:

Automated testing of systems using tools such as:

  • ETAS
  • d-SPACE
  • LabVIEW
  • Matlab and Simulink

State-of-the-art automotive testing lab equipped with tools such as:

  • CANoe
  • CANalyzer
  • Simulators and network analyzers
  • Function generators and waveform analyzers
  • Automated test script execution tools and other in-house developed software tools suitable for various test requirements

LHP’s highly motivated team of engineers with extensive experience in:

  • Software engineering and development
  • Quality assurance models
  • Automotive test equipment
  • Communications test tools
  • Automotive module software development, ensuring higher quality test results per required specifications




Case Studies


LHP is a qualified Independent Testing and Validation (ITV) provider for the Ford Vehicle Network Certification (FVNC) program. LHP performs testing for Ford's Tier 1 module suppliers, such as:

  • CAN Multiplex (MUX) ECU Level Testing
  • General Diagnostic Specification (GDS) / Generic Global Diagnostic Specification (GGDS) Compliance Testing
  • Design Verification Plan (DVP) Review and Results Audit


LHP Engineers are well qualified and have a deep understanding and experience in validating On-Board Diagnostics for automotive systems. LHP performs:

  • Testing using test bench and setups
  • Testing in simulated environment using Hardware in Loop (HIL) systems
  • In-Vehicle testing and validation


LHP Engineering Solutions customers come to us for solutions to their engineering dilemmas. Whether it's, a lack of required skillset, staff workload or company strategy driving the need for project-based work, we can help. We pride ourselves in offering a much more cost-effective and higher-quality solution than our competition.

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