Your FORD Vehicle Network Certification Partner

FVNC-ITV Service Provider

As one of the only certified Independent Testing and Verification (ITV) service providers for Ford’s Vehicle Network Certification (FVNC) program, LHP helps Ford meet their critical automotive network protocol validation solution needs. Serving as a third-party partner for Ford NetCom & DRE organizations, LHP specializes in validating automotive embedded software.

We have experience in the following areas:

  • Ford Netcom Diagnostic and Multiplex Requirements

  • Ford Netcom’s dedicated test scripts, procedures, pass/fail criteria and test result reporting

  • Ford Network Operating System (FNOS)

  • Unified Diagnostic Services (ISO 14229)

  • FVNC special Consulting & Training Sessions

Our testing expertise provides top-to-bottom Ford ITV coverage and traceability for the following:

  • CAN Multiplex (MUX) ECU Level Testing (FNOS)

  • General Diagnostic Specification (GDS) Compliance Testing

  • Generic Global Diagnostic Specification (GGDS) Compliance Testing

  • Design Verification Plan Review and Results (DVP&R) Auditing

LHP can help you:

  • Certify, test, and validate your ECU modules

  • Identify and address any issues discovered in your production process

  • Obtain a design validation report (DVR), verifying that you meet Ford’s requirements

Become a Certified Tier 1 Ford Supplier

While Ford’s standards are intricate and detailed, LHP has helped numerous suppliers become certified over the years.

As one of the only corporations to provide this certification, LHP provides superior service with an in-house technical advisor. Our technical advisor will guide you through the entire process, ensuring communication is clear and that you are positioned for success. We will work with you one-on-one to explain the different complexities of each module.

While each project is different, we follow a standard approach to get you certified as soon as possible.




We will run a series of MUX hardware and software tests to assess your current processes and designs. It is through this process that we will identify any problems or risks. 

Comparison Review:


If you’re looking for an additional layer of validation, we can conduct a comparison analysis to identify any discrepancies with your internal tests versus our approved process. 



Once you have made the necessary changes and we have successfully validated your product/process, we will create a design validation report (DVR). This is the evidence you need to take to Ford to prove that you are 100% compliant with their requirements.



LHP offers custom training courses for those looking for more information on the validation process or Ford’s expectations. This interactive training allows you to work with our team of veteran engineers one-on-one. 

Ready to earn your FORD Vehicle Network Certification? Contact LHP today!




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