Meet Critical Safety Requirement for E/E System Development

Functional Safety

Robust Solutions for Today's Evolving Safety Requirements


OEMs and suppliers alike are struggling to manage Safety Critical and Functional Safety compliance processes because they don’t know where to start, nor do they have the right people in place to handle the additional workload.


While several businesses offer a piecemeal approach to improving Safety Critical and Functional Safety compliance efforts, LHP Engineering Solutions (LHP) offers a comprehensive approach from the bottom up.


LHP specializes in assisting organizations to meet the various requirements stipulated by the following safety standards:

Save Time, Money, and Manpower

LHP has developed a hands-on approach to addressing Safety Critical and Functional Safety requirements that take organizations from start to finish.....


We are experienced with the many iterations of the various safety standards and understand the intricacies of each compliance regulation. We have successfully guided several OEMs and suppliers through the changing compliance environment through proper planning and execution.


Consulting --> Implementation --> Training


A 360º Solution


LHP will guide you through the process and help you identify which elements of the regulation you must follow and which portions are unnecessary...

As your partner, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to implement the necessary changes and assist you in the documentation process - eliminating hours of redundant labor. We will also equip your staff with the necessary training or offer access to the appropriate personnel. With a clear understanding of your business and your needs, we can create custom tools which will assist in the compliance and verification process.


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Here’s how we do it:

What’s missing and how do you become compliant?


We will pinpoint the gaps in your safety compliance standards and create a custom recommended action plan to position you for success.


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Get your team up to speed


We provide safety certification classes throughout the year and offer customized, hands-on training tailored to your specific needs.


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Design your software and hardware to meet Safety Critical standards


With decades of experience, our team of engineers will help you improve your hardware and software designs for safety critical systems, providing the quantitative data you need on failure metrics.

Standardize your processes


We can help you formalize a workflow to ensure you include the right safety verifications as required by compliance standards at the right time.

Gain independent and external validation


As an independent organization standing behind all of the work we do, we can test and validate your processes and products, offering the manpower and expertise you need.

Manage and streamline the deluge of documentation requirements


Our streamlined documentation process, vetted templates, and proven examples will eliminate hours of unnecessary and redundant labor.

At LHP, we have decades of hands on experience in Safety Critical and Functional Safety requirements. Instead of serving as a consultant, dealing in theories and best practices, our team of experts will work with your staff one-on-one to implement the necessary changes.


LHP takes a bottom up approach. We will do the work with you to ensure you’re interpreting and implementing the required safety standards correctly. Our goal is to help you navigate the current compliance requirements in a way that positions you for success today and in years to come.  



Overwhelmed and unsure where to start with safety compliance regulations?
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