ECS Plus

Advanced Combustion Engine Research and Development Platform

LHP provides leading engine R&D labs with the full-authority Engine Control System based on the powerful and reconfigurable National Instruments PXI platform. Leverage the expertise of LHP to control your engine today and have the freedom to create the engine of tomorrow.

ECS Plus



NI DCM Integration Option


LHP technology solutions offer the ECS platform fully integrated with the newly released NI DCM. The NI DCM is the most advanced direct injector driver in the world.

Some of the additional specs offered with the DCM:

  • Drives up to 16 Unipolar Solenoid Injectors and 4 Bipolar Piezo Injectors
  • Max Drive Voltage of 220V
  • Max Drive Current 40A (Solenoid) / 10A (Piezo)
  • Up to 16 Injection Pulses per cycle per injector
  • Up to 16 Current control phases within injection pulses
  • 8 Half-H Driver Circuits (PFI, Throttle, Solenoid PWM)
  • 1 CAN Interface
  • 8 Differential DIO Channels (RS485 compatible),
  • 12 Analog Inputs 1 MS/s aggregate

Download ECS Plus Data Sheet






Combustion Analysis Option

Combustion analysis options add dedicated software and hardware to your system for performing pressure-based combustion calculations. NI Combustion Analysis System (NI CAS) Software is a unique LabVIEW plug-in that provides numerous analysis functions, front panel controls, and utilities including data streaming to disk, preprocessing, heat release, pressure metrics, knock analysis, noise analysis, raw data logging, summary data reporting, and post-processing. NI CAS Software comes with an intuitive configuration-based startup
application that works out of the box. Take advantage of the library of functions to write custom code or incorporate other test and measurement capabilities.

Next-Cycle Control

You can implement next-cycle control with the LHP ECS+ when you choose a combustion analysis option. NI CAS Software features built-in functions for next-cycle control of your engine.

Example H/W Configuration for Full Engine Control Research


  • NI PXI chassis with Intel Core i7-3610QE, 2.3 GHz controller w/Virtex-5 FPGA
  • 12 Solenoid Direct Injection Driver Channels or 8 Piezoelectric injector channels (Drive either piezo or solenoid injectors, direct voltage/current control)
  • 8 Port fuel injector driver channels (Driving port fuel injectors)
  • 8 Low-side PWM channels (Driving high-pressure pumps, inlet metering valves)
  • 8 Engine-synchronous TTL Output (Smart coil/spark plug command)
  • 2 Electronic throttle driver channels (Electronic throttle control with feedback)
  • 4 Analog output channels (Communications to test cell)
  • 2 Wide-band O2 channels (Calculating Lambda value)
  • 2 Narrow-band O2 channels (Rich/Lean switching)
  • 2 Variable reluctance channels (Cam/Crank position)
  • 2 Hall-effect channels (Cam/Crank position)
  • 1 Encoder channel (Crankshaft position)
  • 17 Analog input channels (MAP, MAF, IAT, ECT and so on)
  • 2 CAN channels (NOx Measurement)

Front panel interface:


  • Power distribution with (35) 5VDC and (44) 12VDC power and grounds available for various sensor and actuator wiring needs
  • Front connectors with c-series module breakout for harnessing power electronics and I/O
  • 32 BNCs / 32 Thermocouples for signal conditioning
  • 44 BNCs for analog I/O, analog and digital triggers, and clocks for synchronization

The LHP ECS+ (Engine Control System Plus) was developed by LHP Technology Solutions, which also offers the LHP Panthera® RCP Suite for rapid controls
development in Simulink and LHP HTP (HIL Test Platform) for Hardware-in-the-Loop testing.




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