Engineering Expertise to Develop Big Data Solutions

BIG Data

LHP Engineering Solutions brings together IoT and Big Data to help solve business issues and provide options for better monitoring and service of intelligent applications.

Through our partnership with Hortonworks and the use of the Hadoop platform for Big Data, LHP Engineering Solutions supports the application of Big Data analytics through connected car and off-highway telematics solutions.

As the world continues to become more connected, the influx of data is becoming a burden for companies to process, understand, and share securely and efficiently.

While harnessing big data through the cloud seems to be the best option, many businesses are unsure of how it works, don’t have the internal skills to deploy new operating standards, and struggle to integrate the cloud with their current organizational processes.

As a result, you will be able to increase revenue, reduce IT costs, and most importantly, access more data within a fraction of the time previously required.

Monitor Your Vehicle and Equipment Assets

Data Cloud

Getting connected through telematics solutions

  • Collecting data through remote monitoring
  • Analyzing data through Big Data analytics
  • Reporting on data through analytics
  • Acting on reports through over-the-air programming



LHP Engineering Solutions is at the forefront of integration for three significant technologies including IoT, embedded controls, and Big Data. LHP has two decades of experience developing embedded controls applications within the automotive and heavy equipment industries. LHP also has nearly a decade of experience developing telematics solutions that allow connectivity and remote access to vehicle and heavy equipment assets.   And now, through a partnership with Hortonworks, LHP is developing strong expertise in application for storing and providing analytics to support the interpretation of Big Data that is collected from these vehicle assets.

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