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Emissions and service monitoring. Safety monitoring. Fuel economy efficiencies. Traffic controls. Automatic brake controls. Self-parking systems. Crash-avoidance technology. Dozens upon dozens of engine variations. The desire for better automobiles and higher standards creates a need for streamlined, high-performing engineering processes and technologies.


At LHP, we work with technology leaders facing these increasingly complex embedded electronic control systems amidst escalating demands of industry standards and the pressure to harness the powerful opportunities of Big Data and the Internet of Things.


Our teams take a step back and evaluate your engineering operations as a whole. We optimize engineering resources and shift from inflating staff to creating scalable core technologies and processes that will serve your business through growth, meet the challenges of increased complexities, and inform strategic staff decisions.


We recruit top-tier engineering talent, training our employees to be exact in their systems and industry knowledge and creative in their solution development. By working within the goals, culture, and bounds of our customers’ businesses, we develop systems, create platform products, and bring expert engineering processes to organizations so that they can lead the charge for new automotive developments.

Build A Career

  • Embedded Control Engineers
  • Systems/Software Engineers
  • Solution Architects
  • Technical Business Development Engineers
  • Hardware Design Engineers

Meet Our Leadership

  • Our collaborative team stays ahead of today's embedded control system challenges
  • Engineering process and technology experts bring nation-leading experience
  • Unbiased leaders with an outside perspective maximize production across your company


Partner With Us

  • LHP partners with technology providers to integrate the best technology into solutions for the automative and commercial vehicle industry
  • By partnering with LHP, companies with top technologies often gain access to large automotive accounts

Our unbiased, outside perspective helps us discover and elevate best practices to maximize production across your company. With efficiencies in mind, we apply a model-based design approach to create a complete system for a complex product line – from system requirements and architecture through design, implementation, validation, integration, calibration, production, and into years of operation.


At LHP, we are automotive experts that can apply the intricate engineering solutions that serve the automotive industry to complex challenges in other industries like medical devices, power generation, oil and gas, and the broader transportation industry. Our engineering expertise paired with our collaborative team spirit and track record of proven, successful applications give us the depth and vision needed to solve your embedded control challenges.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Our unbiased, outside perspective helps us discover and elevate best practices to efficiently maximize production across your company. Contact LHP Engineering Solutions now and speak with a Solutions Architect Expert to assess your possibilities with LHP Engineering Solutions.



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