Customizable for Prototyping, Researching, Developing, and Calibrating Combustion Engines

Engine Control System (ECS) Suite

As vehicles advance toward autonomous operation, test engineers face drastically increasing system complexity while dealing with ever-present cost and time pressure.


Customization with the NI Powertrain Control Module 

Use NI’s modular PXI and C Series platforms to build a flexible and future-proof system that can change as your test requirements do.


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Companies are turning toward Modular testing solutions, such as the NI Powertrain Control Modules, to build a flexible and future-proof system that can change as various test requirements do.


The NI Powertrain modules complement each other to make a complete engine control system using the NI PXI or cRIO platforms.  These custom systems are “customer need” and “customer driven” systems, not one size fits all. The Device Drivers and executable software is actively kept up to date with the yearly updated NI LabVIEW and NI Real-Time software suites.


Customizable ECS for Research, Development, and Prototyping


ECS Suite: Discover, Refine, Succeed

With a targeted focus on automotive powertrain applications, deep internal combustion expertise and a history integrating NI technology, our solutions are custom designed and use open architecture hardware. With the LHP ECS Suite, you gain precision and flexibility to refine your engine technology, validate safe and reliable components, and succeed in the market using flexible control and simulation tools to take advantage of modern design and control techniques.

LHP ECS: Flexible Engine Control Solutions (ECS) for Better Final Products


Built with LHP’s vast experience in engine controls and deep expertise with the National Instruments RIO hardware platform, the LHP ECS equips leading engine dynamometer labs with a full-authority control system.

The LHP ECS gives the flexibility for acute precision to discover the exact data you need to further develop revolutionary engine solutions. LHP ECS can be customized and deployed quickly to take advantage of fuel efficiency controls and make hybrid technology more readily accessible.



  • Quickly develop new engine control strategies and features for hybrid vehicles

  • Unconstrained prototyping compared to running on production ECU

  • Compact real-time rapid controls prototyping environment

  • Direct interface with engine sensors and actuators

  • Advanced multi-pulse fuel injection control

  • Integrated FPGA for precise control in angle or time domains

  • Multiple models available, customizable based on your needs

  • Full authority over I/O and complete access to customize for improved performance



LHP ECS+: Radically Improve Engine Technology

Top-of-the-line engine R&D labs use LHP ECS+ for complete engine control solutions.

Based on the multi-gigahertz, multi-core, expandable National Instruments PXI platform and fully programmable software, the solution provides a full-authority research engine controller.


   LHP ECS+ comes fully integrated with a baseline engine control software example to quickly get hybrid or combustion engines up and running quickly with tests that may not otherwise be available. When combined with a combustion analysis option, the ECS+ becomes a fully integrated, off-the-shelf, next-cycle control system capable of calculating pressure-based combustion parameters quickly enough to be used as closed-loop feedback in the real-time engine control algorithm. 




  • Prototype, research, develop and calibrate internal combustion and hybrid engines

  • Modular approach scales processing power and I/O to any engine, including multi-fuel

  • NI LabVIEW software for intuitive programming

  • Integrated FPGAs for performance and flexibility between applications

  • Both portable and higher performance stationary systems available

  • Ready-to-use, tunable software and custom software available


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